Celes was assessed by EATS in March 2016 at College; she has had electronic communication devices in the past but did not have one at the time of initial assessment and she was not keen on using it.

When EATS met Celes she demonstrated highly skilled use of partner assisted scanning with a colour marked alphabet chart and her communication partners were amazing at anticipating and supporting her, making this a speedy and effective way of communicating.Celes is shown in the video using an alphabet chart.

An electronic communication device was assessed for so Celes could talk when others around her were less knowledgeable about her system and so she can be be more spontaneous.

Various access methods were trialled but Celes decided that using a switch with her knees and a column row scan set up is her preferred method.

Any communication method that is not speech takes more time to get a point across and much of what Celes says was pre-programmed by her for the purpose of the recording.

Nb. Celes has a male voice because this is her choice.

If you have any questions you would like to ask us or Celes, please send them via our email eats.lincoln@nhs.net

Finally, a big thank you to Celes and the college for helping us put together this video.

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