Augmentative and Alternative Communication

Alternative and Augmentative Communication (AAC) or Communication aids are devices which can enable those who have lost the ability to speak, or have not developed speech, to communicate.

How do they help?

AAC devices can either be an alternative to those without speech or augment someone's existing speech. AAC devices are generally divided into 'low tech' (paper or people based systems) and 'high tech' computer based systems.

People can access their devices using a variety of methods including:

  • Touch
  • Switches
  • Eye-gaze

EATS are able to assess for each of these access methods and use a variety of devices so we can ensure we get the right device for the person. EATS supplies devices through funding from NHS England and following assessment, are able to get a device to the person with support from our technical team.

The EATS service can provide an assessment service for people within the East Midlands who require a communication aid – see our referrals page. Alternatively we can supply equipment if your local AAC team is able to provide a comprehensive assessment themselves.

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Phone: 01522 572820

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