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3rd December 2020

Communication Access Symbol Update 

Communication Access UK developed the symbol and accompanying standards alongside other charities and organisations that share a goal to improve the lives of people with communication difficulties. 

The work was led by the Royal College of Speech and Language Therapy (RCSLT) 

The Electronic Assistive Technology Service (EATS), along with other regional hubs, was included in the early adopter phase of the Communication Access UK Project. 

This included delivering training to all staff members and a commitment to provide training for all new staff when they join the service. 

The training included the Acronym T.A.L.K: 


A-ASK what helps 



The challenge is to make the Communication Access symbol as recognised and as widely used as the wheelchair symbol indicating a venue is wheelchair accessible.  

The standards also include a requirement to produce written information which is accessible for all - this includes information for appointments and signage. 

Alongside this EATS have displayed the Communication Access posters, all staff have received training and a “CAUK champion” has been identified 

For more information and to sign up please visit the website:  






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